Why Everyone Deserves to Move Somewhere with Warm Weather

Hello friends. Long time no see. Today, I’m sitting in-front of my computer screen and sipping on a tall glass of ice-tea. Why? Because I’m off from work super early (I’ll write a life update post soon enough) and because it’s warm outside and wanted a beverage to remind me of Spring. If you’ve been with me for a while then you know that I am originally a New Yorker and I’m currently living in Oklahoma, where the winters are much milder and where the summers come much more quickly. I wanted to share some of the reasons that I love warm weather and why I’m encouraging my parents *cough cough* to move out here with me. This post was inspired by the tons of people on my social media platforms who have been asking if and when I would ever move back to New York City or the northeast, in general. By the end of this post, you should be able to answer that question for yourself.

Moving to a new location can be a very scary prospect. However, sometimes a move is necessary for a variety of reasons. One of the most common reasons someone would want to move is the climate and the weather. For me, it was a job AND climate and weather. “Weather” is one of the reasons why people flock to places with a warm climate like Florida or California and just one of the reasons why people are rapidly buying up Miami houses for sale and moving into Malibu condos. So what exactly is so great about a warm climate? 

The Weather

The most obvious reason to move to a warmer location is the weather. Some people can’t stand the cold (me) and the things that come with it so they simply move to where it’s warmer. One of the biggest headaches during the cold weather seasons is the snow. While many people may like snow and think it’s pretty, it can create a large number of problems. For example, major winter snowstorms can make travel impossible and force you or your family to call off work or school. In addition, large amounts of snow and ice can knock out power and heat at a time when these things are absolutely vital. Although you may have to deal with other types of storms, depending on where you live, one thing’s for sure, you’ll never have to deal with a major snowstorm again if you move to a place with a warm climate.

Outdoor Enjoyment

A major part of living somewhere with warm weather is your increased exposure to the outdoors. In areas with cold weather, there are large portions of the year where you’ll be unable to go outside due to cold temperatures or snow. This means that you won’t be able to enjoy hikes or even simple walks while it’s cold out. However, in areas with warmer weather, you won’t have to worry about this. In places with warm weather, you’ll be able to enjoy all different sorts of outdoor activities year-round. This means you can host your barbecues and go on your walks without freezing to death, even in the dead of winter. If you like getting outside and hate being cooped up in the home during the winter months, then living somewhere warm would be a great fit for you. For me, I love the beach and sand. While Tulsa isn’t a “beach” town, I still love the feeling of the sun on my skin as I sit by the pool and use my imagination to transport me to Barbados. 

Seasonal Employment

A surprising benefit that warmer weather brings about is an increase in employment. This type of employment is known as seasonal employment. A common example of seasonal employment would be the construction industry. In colder climates industries like construction can only operate during certain times of the year. However, in places with a warmer climate these industries can operate all year round, reducing seasonal unemployment. This could make it easier to find a job in a warmer climate if you find yourself working in a specific industry. 

Exposure to Sunlight

The dangers of overexposure to sunlight are well documented by now. The radiation from UV rays can cause forms of skin cancer, certainly not making that tan worth it. However, a lack of sunlight can be just as dangerous. During the winter months in cold climates, the sun could disappear for long periods of time, leaving only the gray sky behind. Even when the sun does come out and shine, it’s likely far too cold to enjoy it. This lack of sunlight can cause a slew of problems. First, a lack of sunlight could leave you prone to seasonal depression or bad moods. In addition, your often won’t be getting enough Vitamin D to keep you healthy. Living in a warmer climate can help you avoid these problems. Just make sure that you are well protected with sunscreen and receive your sunlight in moderation so that you can avoid getting too much of a good thing. 

This post was not intended to bash places with colder climates. New York City will always have my heart. I grew up there and have so many amazing memories of the city. I just wanted to share my reasoning for for engaging in the diaspora. While New York has my heart, my extremities and other body parts love the idea of shorts and sandals in March! Thank you lovelies so much for reading today. Know that I love you and am thinking of you during these “not so fun” times. Stay safe and stay home (if you can)! Be sure to like, comment, and follow and don’t forget to check me out on all my other platforms. I’ll see you soon. XX!

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