Princess For A Day

Hi guys! Happy Valentine’s Day! I feel like I haven’t spoken to you via my blog in forever. I’ve been missing in action on this site for a while but I have been alive and well. I wanted to come back to you guys with a fun post about my life and fashion that can maybe be useful to some of you if you’re looking for a super fun idea for a photo shoot.

As many of you know, if you follow me on any of my social media sites, I am now engaged. My med-school boyfriend is now my med-school fiancé and we recently had our engagement photo shoot. The theme was heavily based on being a princess for the day. Hehe!

If you are new to me and my OOTDs then you might not be aware of where I get most of my clothes…if you know me…you know that the shoes, jeans, and accessories came from my fave…Forever 21! This off the shoulder shirt is a steal that I found at Ross last year.

This dress was purchased on Amazon. YES! Amazon. Purchase –> here <– I had been looking for a long gold/champagne gown for months! I even enlisted the help of my friends to help me search. I went to the usual spots…Forever 21, Lulus, Rent The Runway…and while I found some good options, none of them were IT! This dress had lots of great reviews and I decided to take the plunge. It was honestly one of the best decisions that I’ve ever made. If you’re looking for a gown, I would definitely consider checking Amazon (lots of their clothes have been poppin’ recently) just make sure that you check the reviews from verified purchasers!

My prince’s looks were courtesy of Kohl’s, his closet, and Amazon (again) for his rose socks. Purchase –> here!

Our photographer’s name is Joy Gullo. Go follow her on Instagram –> @joygullo <–and send her some love. As a photographer, myself, I love seeing other people’s visions come to life and also love working with someone to see how they interpret my story and vision. She did all of that!

We took our pictures at the Parthenon in Nashville and the scene couldn’t have been more perfect. I had the idea to have a story intertwined in our shoot so that we could portray meeting each other, falling in love, and moving toward our happily ever after. Check out our wedding website –> HERE!

This day was amazing and I really did feel like a princess. I would recommend this location and outfit to anyone looking to have a similar feel. On the day of our photo shoot, we saw lots of brides and high school prom attendees taking pictures alongside us. If you’re in need of a prom dress…(OMG ITS ALMOST PROM SEASON)…I’d 100% recommend this gown. And if you’re looking for transportation for your big day (graduation, prom, wedding), check out Fabulous Limousines —> HERE!

Thanks so much for reading! I love sharing bits of my life and lifestyle with you guys. Let me know if you’d consider doing a princess photo shoot. Our pictures came out amazing and I think the day (and not only the fashion) was absolutely perfect.

XX, lovelies. I’ll see you really soon.

P.S. Be sure to check out my –> YouTube page <– for the full video of the photo shoot day. I’m sure you’ll love it.

P.P.S. I know you’ve been missing regular blog posts. The past few months have been really crazy but I’m back in business, but won’t be promising weekly posts because I’ll be graduating medical school soon and entering the real working world haha. You can, however, be expecting one blog post from me every two months. Stay tuned.

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