New In | Footwear 2018

My mom always told me that I could be a “foot model”…I think that’s because I’m too short to grace anybody’s runway! But I’ve always had a thing for shoes and I don’t think that my feet are half bad.

Today I’m here to share with you some of the new members of my shoe family. On a regular basis, I wear lots of flats and/or kitten heels to work (it depends on what setting I’m in) and in the coming years, I know that since I’ll be standing a lot I’ll probably not be sporting the latest pumps!

But for now, while I have some free time, I like to dress up every so often. And when I do, I always make sure that my shoes and accessories are up to par.

These are the Sylvana Heeled Sandals from JustFab!

These beauties are the Imogen Booties also from JustFab!

These are my new gym shoes. I got mine —> here! I love love love working out again and so I decided to up my gym game along with my stepping out game.

These styles are all so different and they call to me in different ways. Could you see yourself rocking any or all of these? Let me know down below.

Be sure to use my JustFab code —> HERE <— if you are considering doing any shopping. They have lots of shoes, bags, and accessories that make playtime LOTS of fun.

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