Studying For COMLEX Level 2

More than half way done with third year, I’m here to discuss how I’m studying and preparing for COMLEX Level 2! In case you didn’t know, osteopathic medical students take a specific national board exam called COMLEX. It’s like the USMLE but not…actually lots of osteopathic students actually sit for this exam in addition to sitting for COMLEX but that ain’t me. I will only be taking the required exam.

If you’re interested in reading about my study plan and/or (in the comments below) starting a discussion on the tools you’re using to study, then keep on reading.

My study aids have revolved around two books and two “resources” for the entire year. My GO TO 100% resource was OnlineMedEd! If you don’t know about OME, then I don’t know what you’re doing. I got access to their premium contnent and used the notes, videos, and flashback questions to go over testable information. OME even provides you with study schedules/plans so that you’ll know which videos to do when.

I chose to follow the three month schedule and give myself a little time afterwards for review and practice questions. Speaking of questions, I test myself every day with at least 10 questions. And as I get down to the wire, as I did last year (studying for COMLEX 1), I’ll be creating little mini tests for myself to prepare for the long haul.

The other resource that I used was SketchyMedical. I loved and used Sketchy religiously during my first and second years of medical school. I purchased it this year especially for the pathology lecture. I watch videos actively and make the connections that I need to to best cement the lessons I’ve learned with OnlineMedEd.

For quick references, if I can’t find them in my OME notes, I go to the Master the Boards and the First Aid for the USMLE Step 2 CK books. These two books give the same information but are written very differently. As a former English major, Master the Boards is an easier read, espeically if you’re going to use it as your main resource.

Now that I’ve bored you with what I’m doing…how are you studying for Level 2/Step 2?

And if you stumbled on this post by accident and you actually need help organizing your study plan for Level 1/Step 1…don’t worry, I got you! CLICK HERE!

No matter where you are in your studying journey, I want to leave ONE thing with you. Go into this and any test with faith and confidence. Don’t doubt yourself. Believe that you can and will get the score that you need. Also, whatever your study tactics, be confident in them. Be assured that you have studied hard and are well prepared for what the test is going ask you.

XX, lovelies. Feel free to like, comment and share and I’ll see you really soon.

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