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I have just finished my OB/GYN rotation and am preparing to take my COMAT very soon. I wanted to share with you lovelies some of my experiences on this rotation just in case you or someone you know are thinking about going into obstetrics as a profession.

First, I want to say that I loved my time on OB! I loved my preceptor and the nurses and the patients that I got to meet. I valued the lessons that I learned during this rotation and the correlations to general and pediatric medicine that I was able to make.

The “average” OB/GYN has a clinic at which she/he works and then hospital privileges. Most mornings, I would round on our new mamas in the hospital and write progress notes before meeting my preceptor. We would then round together and (if we didn’t have any circumcisions) then head over to the clinic.

In the clinic, you’ll see a wide variety of things. Prenatal visits. Post natal. Annual physicals. Pap smears. UTIs. Birth control placement and removal. Post op checks…all fun and all educational. There are times when the visits are not so fun however. The first time I saw an ultrasound showing a missed miscarriage, I was ready to breakdown with the parents. Some days and some visits, as my preceptor told me “are just harder than the rest.” But you’ve just got to keep moving.

Contraception and family planning are a big part of any OB rotation. But so is the exam, physical or pelvic…so if you’re OB/GYN rotation is coming up and you’re a little weirded out about touching people, try to get used to it. Also, if you’re interested in OB as a profession, talk to your preceptor about letting you do as much as possible. The desire to do OB full time wasn’t placed on my heart but I am so grateful that my preceptor allowed me to do exams, pap smears, and even one circumcision. The experience was truly invaluable.

(Picture above can be found at instagram.com/_twolittlebears)

In the hospital, you’ll get to see lots too. I was lucky enough to be first assist on all of the OB and GYN procedures that we did on surgery days and I was present for the births of almost 40 little angels.

My rotation was only only four weeks long so I tried to learn as much as I could for anyone that I could. While in the hospital, I would suggest talking to the nursery nurses (especially if you’re interested in pediatrics), the L&D nurses, the respiratory therapists, and the guys in anesthesia. It takes a village to have a baby. And I think that talking to everyone and asking questions about their roles is key to getting the full picture of delivery.

For my study aids, I used the OB and GYN videos from OnlineMedEd and questions from COMBANK and Comquest.

Have you had your OB rotation already? What did you love most about it? If you haven’t rotated through the L&D, tell me what you’re most looking forward to.

This was my last core rotation and so now I’m on to some electives and then…COMLEX Level 2!

I’ll see you really soon, lovelies! XX!

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  1. Rey says:

    Ob/gyn was my last rotation! Quite an interesting experience.

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