Internal Medicine Favorites

I had the opportunity to complete two Internal Medicine rotations. One in December (which was completely inpatient) and the other in January (this was a mix of inpatient and outpatient). During these two months, I learned a great deal about medicine and how to manage patients with a wide variety of illness. I will say that I am grateful for my time in Internal Medicine but it did not sway me from my love of Pediatrics.

During my first month with the hospitalists, I reclaimed my love for the hospital. I enjoyed going in and seeing 20-30 patients throughout my day. In the evenings, I would go home and study from my Step Up to Medicine book and Online Med Ed. I also completed about 600 questions between the two months. I love interacting with a team of nurses, doctors, social workers, and therapists. The cases varied from pneumonia to CHF to DKA and so much more. You should expect to see any and everything on your Internal Medicine rotation. There’s a little of everything that you learned in your first two years. There will be patients with dermatitis, neurological problems, and so many other interesting things.

Even if people are coming in for COPD, if you take the time to talk to and examine them, you might notice something intriguing like a scar from a type of surgery that you hadn’t even thought about since you took your boards. It is for this reason that I am eternally thankful for my time and experiences during these rotations.

My second month was a little bit more difficult because it was a mixed model. Not only was I in the hospital in the mornings and in the evenings but I was also in office/clinic for about seven hours a day. So…including driving time, I was out of the house for about 14 hours a day. Crazy. But I learned a lot and felt very prepared for my COMAT. That being said, I made sure to relax (as much as possible) on the weekends with a candle, tea, and sleep.

I would suggest looking into Internal Medicine if you enjoy problem solving. I felt at home in that aspect because I like the feeling of being on my toes and using my brain. However, you will not be seeing me applying to any IM residencies because…I mean…there are no kids. These rotations were my fifth and sixth so I’m getting pretty deep into third year and I’m feeling more comfortable in the way in which I am learning and practicing “medicine.”

Up next, I have a PICU rotation and that is SUPER exciting for all of the reasons you can imagine. I will definitely be keeping you updated. Be sure to follow me on all of my social media accounts. XX! I’ll see you later, lovelies.

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