Packing Light

Every medical student lives for the (few) breaks that we are provided. ‘Tis the season to be jolly. In preparation for my winter vacation, I decided to share a post on how I prep and pack lightly for such occasions. See my previous post “My Travel Essentials” here.

My first task when packing light is deciding on how many days I’ll be away. This trip is about 14 days. One would think that a med-school fashionista, like myself, would want to have 14 different outfits. Yes. But no. We’re packing light. So I’m going to create a mix and match wardrobe for this trip. I’ll have more than enough options. Four pants (jeans and slacks) with seven tops (five “basic” and two statement) makes for 28 different possibilities. (Also keep in mind, my family home is in NYC and I’ll have the jacket on most of the time when I’m outdoors.)

Once I’ve rolled and packed the big pieces nicely, it’s time to think about the accessories. My crossbody handbag is a must. My earrings are always on me. But the shoes…?

For winter trips, I always have to think about what is most practical. Boots. The ones seen above are a constant favorite. I’ll also pack some flat boots and the sneakers I wore to my birthday party just in case we have a casual day!

I never skimp on the underwear. Two per day…you never know what’s going to happen. I also always make sure to pack any medication that I’m taking at the time. For beauty, I go small. Travel sized toothbrush, deodorant, lotion…#obvi.

I love traveling but I don’t like the bulk. This is why I always try to pack lightly. It cuts down on the time you spend packing and repacking. It cuts down on laundry and how much space you’ll be taking up when you’re away. I don’t worry about my outfits or outfit changes when I’m visiting with friends and family because that’s not what’s important. The holidays are about love and togetherness and so I’m not going to let my suitcase get in the way.

Pictured above:
Striped off the shoulder shirt from ROSS
Ripped jeans from Forever 21
Velvet booties from Forever 21
Knit Scarf from Forever 21
Faux leather gloves from Forever 21
Candle from Bath and Body Works
Suitcase from Target

Thanks for reading lovelies. I hope to hear from you soon. XX!

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  1. Deeana says:

    Thanks for the tips *slowly removes the 5 extra sweaters from my suitcase

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