What I’ve Learned About Myself This Year

I wanted to write a very deep and inspiring post for my birthday. I wanted it to mean something. I thought long and hard about the different things that I could say that would maybe bring people to tears or maybe bring them to a deeper understanding of…something.

This year has been so amazing. I am 25 years old and I am so happy and so blessed. I have had lots of triumphs in this year and lots of laughs. I am so grateful.

I also have experienced my fair share of heartache this year and I’ve realized that life is always going to be a sticky combination of good and bad.

Personally, I have never been so happy and felt so loved by someone whose last name isn’t Marks. I for so wonderfully secure in my relationship and, for Gage, I wouldn’t wish to change anything that happened during this year. My sister’s doing well. So are my parents. I am happy!

Professionally (a) I am doing well in school, passed my boards on the first try, know what I want to do, and am doing so well on rotations. (b) My blog is fire! And I have no one to thank but you guys. I’m also so excited because I know that the things I have planned for Esté Ginelle and Fros And Coats in the next couple of months are so amazing!

So what’s the problem? This year I had to face a very ugly truth about myself. I don’t pick up the phone enough. I don’t say hello enough. I don’t say I love you enough. My grandfather passed just a couple of weeks before my birthday and, God knows, I would give anything to have just one day to call and say I love you. Life is hard. And not fair. And as an adult, I have to come to terms with.

So, in chapter 26 (because chapter 25 has ended; I’m 25 years and one week old), I will do my best to let the people that I love KNOW that I love them. This new year has so much in store for me…I can already tell. But none of that will be worth it without the love of the friends and family that have been with me thus far. If you’re reading this, know that I love you. Really. And we’ll talk soon.

XX, lovelies. Be well.

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  1. Errol-Ann says:

    So sorry for your loss!
    Congrats on passing your boards!

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