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The long-awaited pediatric rotation. I literally was so excited for this month as I knew for YEARS now that I was most interested in pediatrics for a career. I wanted to share my experience with you lovelies, just in case you were looking for tips and tricks to use during your time with pediatric patients.

Note, the smiley face earings in the above picture are from New York and Company (duh)!

“The good thing about pediatrics is that they can’t fake being ill.” These are the word that my preceptor told me on my very first day of the rotation. Kids hardly ever come in “faking it” and when they do, they’re easy to read. That’s one reason that he likes practicing pediatrics. For me, I love making kids laugh while doing my work. I love the fact that Spongebob is playing in the waiting room. And I love that the kids are resilient and want to be your friend as they “get better.”

If you’re not into having kids running around you all the time, pediatrics probably isn’t for you. I get energy from being around kids and love their laughter and am not too bothered by their tears. It does break my heart when a six-year-old has to be admitted to the hospital but I am able to put on my big girl boots and remind myself that it has to be done so he can get better.

This rotation solidified for me that I don’t like being in the office that much. Don’t get me wrong, I love well-child visits and I love seeing that my kids are healthy, but I really feel at home in the hospital. So I’m going to have to find an appropriate balance when it comes time to have my own practice.

Some necessities for my pediatric rotation? Vitamins. I took my vitamins (including Vit. C) every day without fail. I was not about to get sick during this rotation. It is for that same reason that I got my flu shot the weekend before starting on pediatrics. Hand sanitizer. I played no games with these kiddy germs. I washed my hands so frequently. I mean we saw SO MANY Strep cases and hand-foot-and-mouth cases…can you blame me?

At the beginning of this school year, I posted about What’s In My White Coat. Since then, the contents of my pockets have changed and evolved. For pediatrics, I MADE SURE to carry around my phone, stethoscope, colorful pens, and lip balm. If you’re interested in hearing/reading about my updated necessities, comment down below.

One of the exciting things that fell during this rotation was Poster Day. I got to travel back to my home institution and present on Neonatal Osteomyelitis. It was a lot of work but also a lot of fun and it felt really good to see all of the (behind the scenes) work that we had been doing come to fruition. Also on this rotation, I gathered information for two case write-ups that I will be submitting to the American Association of Pediatrics. So fingers crossed!

For studying purposes, I completed approximately 400 practice questions. I had intentions of reading through the Pediatric Case Files and the appropriate sections in my Master The Boards book but life hit me hard during my rotation. My grandfather passed away and so I really couldn’t “read to learn” and I had to be active during these weeks. I used the practice questions from COMBANK and Conquest to aid in this “active” learning.

One book that I would recommend keeping handy is “The Harriet Lane Handbook.”


  1. Keep a vaccination schedule handy.
  2. Be aware of the milestones for well-checks of infants and toddlers.
  3. Practice medication dosing for pediatric patients (especially if math wasn’t your thing in high school/college).
  4. Again…use Drugs.com!!!!!
  5. Sketchy Micro is a good resource for studying/recalling common bacterial/viral infections.

Thanks so much for reading lovelies. I hope this was helpful. XX!

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