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I’ve recently purchased some new black booties for the upcoming holiday season. I love how sleek and stylish these look. They’re universal and can be worn with my professional and casual outfits. Mine are from Forever 21! These shoes are incredibly comfortable and the easy to walk in. The heel is supported. I have noticed, however, that it is necessary to wear these booties with a thin sock because they add a protective barrier (especially around the big toes).

Like I said, mine are from Forever 21, but you can find other pairs with slightly different styles:
Asos: Curved Heel Boot 
Topshop: Ankle Boots
Lulus: Mid-Calf Boot
Forever 21: Patent Leather Ankle Boots
HM: Ankle Boots

Whenever I’m shopping for a particular piece (on trend or not), I open up to my favorite shops (seen above) and go through the items in stock. Shopping for a look can be kind of daunting but also so much fun. I plan on wearing my new booties with straight leg or skinny pants to show them off in entirety.  They’re faux suede so they’ll stand out without looking too gaudy. I plan to pair the booties with my leather jacket for a good vibe and style.

Thanks so much for reading. Be sure to tag me in any pictures that you post with your favorite autumn and winter bootie. Be sure to like, comment, and share. I’ll see you next time! XX!


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