What’s In My Vlam Box

Hey guys! So I’m coming to you with a completely unscheduled post but I am so overjoyed and bursting with giddiness that I had to get this post out to you TODAY!

Vlam World Relaxation Boxes is a small business that a dear friend of mine, Vitoria,  recently started. Her goal is to use her talents to help the masses RELAX. On the website (which is amazing and easy to navigate), you’ll find different boxes that have different little trinkets inside to help you relax. The one that I received has some bathtime goodies and lots and lots of my favorites to satisfy my sweet tooth.

Check out vlamworld.org, as the site has launched TODAY! I’ve totally gotten y’all the inside scoop on this and I’d greatly appreciate it if you checked out her business. Tell her “Esté sent me!”

Order yours today and have yourself a sweet bubble-bath-me-date-relaxation-night in time for next week’s TGIF!

XX! See you real soon lovelies.

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