Why The Leather Jacket Never Goes Out of Style

No need to hide it. I am so in love with my new (faux) leather jacket from New York & Company. I’ve had many leather jackets in the past and I’m familiar with the style/look. That is why I was seriously contemplating letting this season pass without purchasing a new one (the one that I’d had for the past three years finally gave up the ghost in March).

I, of course, couldn’t resist the temptation of the leather jacket look. Here are my reasons for loving leather jackets. Also be sure to check out my Auntum Haul up now on my YouTube channel.

These babies spice up any outfit.
Never doubt the fact that a leather jacket adds flare to your outfit. Especially with add-ons like studs and glitter, leather jackets are often the finishing touch to an OOTD.

They make you feel bad a$$.
You not only look put together but you look like you mean business. Put your jacket over your shoulders for a more editorial look or just wear her the old fashion way. When you catch a glimpse of yourself in the mirror, you’ll know it. You’re hot.

There are many different cuts to flatter different body shapes.
Sinched waist or baggy cuts. Your choice.

If you purchase a good one, it’ll keep you warm and protected.
Do your research and make sure the jacket you’re buying is of good quality. There are lots of choices out there so you don’t have to break the bank but there is no point in buying a jacket that will not only leave you freezing on the way to work but also fall apart after the first time wearing it. 

I’ve included some links to jackets that are “in” this season.

Forever 21 Studded Leather Jacket
Asos Mango Leather Biker Jacket
Lulus Vegan Leather Bomber Jacket
Top Shop Washed Faux Leather Biker Jacket
H&M Biker Jacket

Thanks for reading lovelies. If you’re rocking a leather jacket this season, be sure to tag me @esteginelle on Instagram. I want to see your style. XX! Until next time…

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