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The Figs brand is one of the newest and “hippest” scrubs brands right now. Everyone on instagram is rocking a set and I wanted to get my hands on a pair to see what all the hype was about.

I really wasn’t about to join the bandwagon until I saw that the brand had recently launched their joggers. I love jogger scrubs because not only do they fit my petite legs so well but they also give the scrubs a more stylish look. And we all know, I’m always about my business but I also like looking fly while going about my business.

I bought the Catrina top in the color graphite along with the Zamora jogger pants in the same color. Figs offers lots of other styles, along with lab coats and “under-scrub” attire. I love how fast my order was shipped and how comfortable and sleek these scrubs are. I put them on for the first time and said: “Wow, these are soft.” We’re so used to scrubs being a little bit more abrasive but Figs has struck gold with this fabric. They’ve placed a small logo on the pocket and that’s all of the identifying factors that we get. Now I am partial to more “bling” but I’m not complaining about the simplicity of these scrubs. They definitely won’t clash with anything else I’m wearing.

Also, compared to the Jaanuu scrubs, I recently got, these are more comfortable, as the fabric is much softer. It almost feels like I am wearing pajamas and I love that. I like the Jaanuu style much more but the Figs have a great feel.

Tell me what you think about Figs? Are they worth the hype?

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XX! Until next time.

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