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After such a fantastic experience on my surgery rotation, I really didn’t think anything could live up to my expectations. The transition to Family Medicine was a stark one but I do feel that I made it rather smoothly. I, obviously,  was spending more time with my patients when they were awake and getting to know them on a personal level. I laughed and even cried a few times on this rotation. It was oh so different from anything I had ever experienced but definitely amazing. I loved so much about my Family Medicine rotation and these are just a few things I wanted to share.

Saying Bye Bye to Scrubs.
As much as I love the scrubs that I bought just in time for my Family Medicine rotation, I loved getting dressed in the morning and focusing on my hair and makeup. I loved developing and planning outfits again. One month ago, I said how much I loved not having to worry about planning outfits, but I think I’ve found a balance. I love fashion and will never divorce it but I just can’t stress over it. To work, I wore whatever I felt comfortable in and whatever I felt would make me smile when I looked in the mirror.

A Taste of OB.
The preceptor I worked with did lots of OB/Gyn work and so even though this was my Family Medicine rotation, I got a little bit of exposure to women’s health and things I’ll eventually see when I get to my OB rotation.

Finally, I got to see some children. Family Medicine encompasses everything. Birth to geriatrics and I loved every minute with the kids. I can’t wait to be on my pediatrics rotation. Kids aren’t just “little adults.” They have very issues and I love getting on their level to listen to their concerns while using my knowledge base to try and solve whatever problems they’re facing.

Getting to Know My Patients.
During my last week of Surgery, my preceptor told me that I’d have a bit of a shock when it came to office hours in the Family Medicine clinic. When seeing patients in a surgery office…two seconds and you’re done. In Family Medicine, you’ve got to sit there and listen and think for sometimes 15- 20 minutes. But I love that. I love hearing patient stories and laughing with patients and even crying with them. This is why I wanted to be a doctor in the first place.

Developing My Medical Vocabulary.
My preceptor was no nonsense when it came to oral reports so I had to go home and read and prepare. It was an immense learning curve but I managed. At the end of the first two weeks, my vocabulary had changed and developed so much and I’m grateful for that.

I didn’t want to forget to mention what I used to study for the Family Medicine COMAT (Shelf) exam. I read through the Case Files for Family Medicine during this time. I also did about 300 practice questions during this month. I know that that seems like a lot but FM is really all-encompassing and the practice exams kind of have to be the same. If I had an interesting case on any particular day, I would go home and watch a MedEd video on the topic. I also revisited Sketchy Pharm for those days when I needed to remember what Sulfonamides did.

Time Off.
Along with the obvious favorites, I also loved that my schedule allowed for me to take a mini vacation with my boyfriend. During this rotation, we took a weekend trip up to Nashville and had a fantastic time. This was my first time going to the Country Music Hall of Fame and I won’t ever forget it.

Tips for Family Medicine (just in case you’ve got that rotation coming up soon)!!!!

  1. I used apps to help me in the office. Some of my favorites are The Electronic Preventive Services Selector (ePSS), CV Risk Assist, and CDC Vaccine Schedules. As my preceptor likes to say, “our ancillary brains help to keep us sharp.”
  2. Don’t be afraid to show your emotions. Your patients will appreciate your realness.

Thanks so much for reading lovelies. XX! I’ll see you real soon.

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