Current NYX Favorites

I wanted to come quickly and share my current NYX favorites. These two products have honestly revolutionalized¬†my makeup game. AND THEY’RE SO CHEAP! But let’s get into the look of this makeup before we start discussing price.

I use the liquid illuminator along with whatever primer I’m applying that day to give myself a glowy base for my makeup. The one I use is Pure Gold but NYX provides a few color selections so that your highlight can be poppin’ in the appropriate hue for your skin tone.

Now, I have dry skin and this step is great for me but I don’t know if adding glow would be a good step for someone with a bit more oil.

NYX and I definitely have a love hate relationship for this next one…I LOVE this foundation and I am so happy and LUCKY that I found it in store. The Total Control Drop Foundation (in the color Mocha) not only matches me perfectly but is one I can use on my “barely there” days and transition into my “beat for the gawds” nights. Because it comes with a dropper, you can work your magic and enjoy a velvet matte finish that is incredibly¬†buildable and yet so so so lightweight.

These two products, together, give me the glowing-matte-not-going-to-dry-out look that I’ve been yearning for forever.

My only problem with this foundation is that my color is the darkest that you can find in stores and I’m not the darkest woman to walk into stores. I’m not going to make this post about the difficulties of shopping for cosmetics as a person of color but I do want to let my brothers and sisters know that if you are looking for this foundation and are of a darker tone, you might want to find a NYX store to do your shopping in or do the incredibly scary and annoying thing of buying foundation online and…just returning it if you don’t like it.

Overall, I love how these products make my skin look. The drop foundation is $13.99 and the illuminator is $7.49 so you’re definitely not going to be breaking the bank.

If you’ve ever tried these products let me know how you like them or dislike them. What are your favorite products to use? Maybe once I stop obsessing over these, I’ll try something new. See you soon, lovelies.

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