Doing “School” While Sick

It’s hard to go through an entire year and not get sick once. Unfortunately, these bugs/viruses don’t stop and think “man she’s in school…I should leave her alone.” Here are some tips that might help you so you don’t fall too far behind with studying.

The first step is always going to be admitting to yourself that you’re sick. Don’t fight it by denying it. Make sure you’re getting enough water and rest during the first few days of any cold. Don’t be reckless. That will only make your illness last longer.

Next, make a list (paper and pen) of all of the things you need to get accomplished during the week. For me, I always count one less day than I actually have JUST in case I fall behind with the aches and pains of my ailment. If I’m making my list on Sunday and I need to get XYZ done before Friday, I’ll give myself four days to do everything on my list instead of the five that I actually have.

When it comes to actually tackling your tasks, make sure you pick a good place to study. You may want to reconsider studying in a public place (we don’t want to get others sick) but you also don’t want to study in your bed. I know I know…your cough hurts…your body hurts…but we’ve still got to get things done. We have to make it to Friday.

If you’re studying in your home, try facing a wall so you don’t have lots of distractions. With you, have your TO-DO list, a lot of tissues, Vicks (my best friend when I’m stuffed up), water or orange juice, and a warm blanket. I use an electric heated blanket to sit on and that keeps me nice and toasty. I also have a thing for blankets with sleeves. Yes, they look dumb on commercials but can be really useful in situations like this. If you’re really shivering, switch over to tea. That might also get you feeling more comfy and relaxed and that might help you study better.

Don’t get TOO relaxed, however, so try drinking something with a little bit of caffeine because sleep looks so attractive, especially when you’re sick. My favorite tea to drink when I’m sick is ginger tea. We all know about ginger’s use when you have a tummy ache but ginger can actually curb head aches and muscle aches.

Each task you complete, don’t forget to cross it off your list. And take breaks. Stand and eat something. You need to keep your strength up. If you have medicine, take it.

When you get over your cold, you’ll be wishing and hoping never to get sick again. But we know the likelihood of that happening is close to non-existent. There are some tips, however, to staying well. Wash your hands as often as possible. Sketchy Micro videos play through my mind whenever I touch bathroom stalls or closet doorknobs. Wash your hands to protect yourself and to protect others. Get enough sleep and drink plenty of water; keep your immune system up. Similarly, you can drink vitamin C supplements regularly. If you’re REALLY into drinking tea, you might want to try drinking hibiscus tea as it has about 1/3 of your daily dose of Vit. C.

I hope that was helpful lovelies. I was inspired to write this blog post because I recently got over a pretty mean cold. I hate studying and HATE studying sick. I don’t wish the icky feeling on anyone. Until next time, XX!

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