My Travel Bucket List

If you know anything about me and the things I value in life then you know that I love to travel. I love new experiences and feeling the intensity of other cultures as my heart beats with the excitement of “what’s next”…I love it all.

I’ve seen quite a few places in my short lifetime and am planning to do a little more traveling this year but I still have a bucket list of places (as everyone should) that I’d like to see before I die. So before you read any further, develop your own list and let’s compare at the end. Ready. Set. Go.

I, right now, above all else, want to go to Asia and I think I’d start with India. I’ve never been to an Asian country but I love the colors and music that come along with the culture. I said that I’d start with India because Indian food is my favorite type of food. No, not pizza (the New Yorker in me) and no, not Caribbean food…Indian food is my favorite and I’d love to have that experience of eating Indian food in India. Not to mention, some of the most beautiful places to see and photograph can be found there.

I want to keep the fire and childlike wonder that I have about traveling. I’d love to visit Africa, Kenya in particular. Not knowing that much about our lineage, we do know that my ancestors were Kenyan and it would mean the world to me if I could see the land that they saw.

Of the English speaking countries, I’m dying to see Austrailia and Ireland. They are beautiful and I know that I’d soak up every moment. I can never cross France off my list, though I’ve been there before. Paris is my favorite city and I’m completely in love with French food. I’ve also always had a mini-romance with all things Grecian.

There are, of course, other places that I could talk about but I figured that I’d just list them to make your life and mine a little easier. I want to see Egypt, Isreal, Bermuda, Japan, Italy, and Spain.

Thanks for reading lovelies. How does my list compare to yours?

Keep your feet on the ground and your head in the clouds! XX!

4 responses to “My Travel Bucket List”

  1. Evangelina says:

    You have a very nice list going on. They are all very special places to go and see. Except for Australia and Israel I have been to the other mentioned ones.
    I would also love to see Australia and Israel, but also Jordan, Vietnam, Norway and most of all Russia. I have a long wish list. 😇

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