Dakota Dress | Style It

If you don’t know…I love me some Samantha Maria. I am also so proud of her for starting her own fashion line, Novem & Knight. I’ve been wanting to get my hands on one of their pieces for a long time and as soon as the Dakota Dress arrived, I knew that I’d be styling it for you guys.

Every now and then we need a study break and a break from white coats and button-downs.

Style her with heels or dress down with sneakers and still look fabulous.

The Novem & Knight clothes are so chic and timeless but also incredibly well made. Even though I was rocking a casual look that day, I love that I can throw a fitted blazer on and still look amazing in the business casual world. Let me know if you’ve ever worn anything from this line. Also, give this post a like and a share. Who doesn’t like cool pictures right?

See you next time! XX!

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