Decluttering My Closet

We’ve all been there. Shoes. Accessories. Shirts. More shirts. Skirts. Accessories. So much stuff. We love it all but, let’s not lie, it’s a little stressful.

It all started when I walked into my closet and saw some pieces that I hadn’t worn in more than a year and knew that I wouldn’t want to wear again. This was actually my first step in prepping to pack for my move to Decatur this Summer. I knew that I had a lot of stuff and that some of it would have to go, some of it would be donated, and some of it (because I’m poor) I’d try to sell on Depop. But in order to get around this crazy task, I really really really had to think of “how.” I eventually came up with a plan that helped me tremendously. And I decided to make a cute little chart so that maybe it I could help someone out there too!

Thre is a phase two to this and I believe that it should be completed 2-4 weeks after the initial phase and only after you’ve ALREADY dropped off the clothes for the trash and donation(I’m still working on getting there). No looking back ladies and gents.

I’ll be more than happy to talk to you about phase two (if anyone is interested) but until then, stay beautiful, healthy, lovely, and clutter free.

P.S check out my Depop shop!


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