Transitioning to Cruelty Free

If you’ve seen my YouTube video on the matter, then you know that going cruelty-free is a pretty big deal for me. As you might have guessed, I am not trashing all of my makeup. I’m going to separate them based on whether or not the company tests its products on animals. Once the products that are not cruelty-free are finished, I won’t be repurchasing. This seems to be the smartest way for a poor medical student to transition.

If you’re wondering why I came to this decision, the answer is simple. It’s been weighing heavily on my heart and I truly feel compelled. I don’t judge people who don’t share my conviction. I mean some of these brands are in my “ride or die” category. I even mentioned some of them in my Ten Things I Can’t Live Without post. As someone who has a growing influence, however, and as someone who is trying to leave a good footprint on this Earth, I want to do my part, even if it seems small. And, maybe on a more sappy level, it truly does break my heart to know that animals are hurting for my “benefit.”

Along with my lists, I’ll also be linking other bloggers/vloggers who are making a stand for cruelty-free makeup. Hopefully, this will help you get a better idea of which brands fall into which categories.

List of “products” that I have that are CRUELTY-FREE!
Anastasia Beverly Hills
Bae Brow 
(Contacted them to make sure)
C. O. Bigelow
Glam Hustle Cosmetics 
(Contacted them to make sure)
Honest Beauty

Kat Von D
Kylie Cosmetics

Ruby Kisses
Soap & Glory
Tree Hut

Too Faced
Urban Decay

List of “products” that I have that are NOT CRUELTY-FREE!
Estée Lauder


Pure Ice

Thanks for reading lovelies. Feel free to comment on the concept of cruelty-free (nice words only) and any other products that should be on either list!

I’ll see you real soon. XX!

Carli Byble’s Cruelty-Free Haul
Jackie Aina’s Cruelty-Free Tutorial
Companies that do test on animals
Companies that do not test on animals
Bella Fiori’s Need to Know about Cruelty-Free

9 responses to “Transitioning to Cruelty Free”

  1. I’m doing the same thing! I was surprised at first to discover all of the drugstore brands that are cruelty free like elf, Milani, Physician’s Formula, and Wet n Wild!

  2. melinarae217 says:

    Pleased to know that most of my makeup is cruelty free! Need to find alternatives for Benefit though 🙁 And find a new deodorant!

  3. Mandy says:

    I have also done the same thing after researching animal testing! Made me feel ill. And at the end of the day there really isn’t much of a price difference and is generally a better product! I choose Arbonne for all my make up 😍

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