Great Gatsby Themed Look

If you’ve been with me long enough you remember the glories of last year’s Medical School (Tensegrity) Ball. This year the theme is The Great Gatsby and while it would have been so easy to give into the temptation to wear green (the ball fell on St. Patrick’s Day) or even the temptation to wear black (that’s my thing), I decided against both of those options and plunged head first into fitting the theme. Still, however, making sure to do it my way.

Check out Instagram and YouTube for a more complete idea of how the night went down but, as for now, here are my amazing pieces and accessories that made the night oh so Roaring 20s special!

Dress (that everyone loved, by the way): Missguided
Shoes: Lulus
Purse: ASOS (similar to this)
Earrings: Forever 21
Ring: Groupon Deal (similar to this)

Thanks for reading lovelies. Live life to the fullest! XX!

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