Ten Things I Can’t Live Without | Med-School Edition

After last week’s take on my ride or die products, I decided to develop another list of must-haves. This time from a med student’s perspective. These are ten of the things that make med-schooling a little easier.

Sketchy Medical is something that I’ve spoken about time and time again. I use these videos to learn all of my pharmacology and microbiology. I put this first because I literally swear by these guys and this company.

Pathoma is one of the amazing ways to learn pathology. There are lots of resources out there but this is the one that I’ve become most comfortable with. I’ve used it along with all of my systems and even more so with board studying. If your school doesn’t have a designated Pathology course and the pathology is integrated into each system (like mine is) this little book is more than handy.

Quizlet is a place to put high yield points in flash card form. I love it and am also using it for my board study group.

Cramfighter is something hat I’ve raved about. It just helps me organize my tasks so that I can stay on top of class/board study. Check out the blog post I made about my use of Cramfighter.

UpToDate is an easily accessible tool that my school provided to us from the very first semester. It allows you to search certain symptoms in hopes of coming up with a diagnosis. It’s a great teaching tool now and I’m sure that it will be even more helpful next year.

Staedtler Triplus Fineliner pens are honestly the best note taking pens on the face of the Earth. I gave a set away on my Instagram recently because I wanted to share the joy. They write so smooth and come in all of the bright and girly colors that I love.

iTunes U is not unique to medical school or my experience but it’s oh so necessary. All of our lectures are recorded and saved for later to be watched on iTunes U, so I sing the praises of technology as this allows me to watch and rewatch the information presented in class. At my own pace.

Notability is an app that I use to take notes in class. It allows me to highlight and draw on slides and to make cute little PDFs after you’re done with your creations.

Numbers is the Mac version of spreadsheet and I use it to keep track of the lectures I have for each exam. I also am able to check off how many times I’ve gone over each lecture.

Sound Canceling Headphones/Earplugs are important when it comes time for studying. I like complete silence when going over a lecture for the first and second time and then maybe white noise when going over it for a third or fourth time. Headphones are amazing if you study at school or in coffee shops where you can’t control the volume of your surroundings yourself.

I hope you enjoyed reading lovelies. Feel free to ask any questions. I’ll answer to the best of my abilities! XX!

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