Candle of the Month | February 2017

One full year of candles! I’m so excited to come and talk about this candle that has been my saving grace after long days of studying.


The Tobacco and Suede candle from Makers of Wax Goods is my new favorite and an accidental find. While killing time in TJMaxx, I stumbled across this very lonely and attractive candle. One twist of the top and I was in love.

The manly musk and seductive essence captivated me. Earthy and yet 100% home. Ladies, don’t be afraid of more robust scents. This little candle fills an entire room with its glorious tones and undertones. You’ll experience the richness of tobacco on a woodland getaway…in your room. That and it comes in the cutest little jar ever.

From the manufacturer, this candle will cost you $16 for approximately 33 hours of burn time. I found this candle on a whim but would never recommend anything I wasn’t completely in love with. I’ve already ordered a replacement. Give it a try if you’re into less than traditional scents and are looking for something to warm your halls during the winter months.

Let me know if you’ve ever given this candle or brand a try. Until next time, keep happy lovelies! XX!

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