Kylie Cosmetics Brush Review

During the Holidays I purchase the Kylie Cosmetics Eyeshadow Brush Set. Brush sets are brush sets and I wasn’t expecting to be wowed by this set but really really wanted to get the free lip kit that accompanied this purchase.

The set has five brushes that are unique in their white and black coloring. The are a great addition to any growing collection because of their color and quality. The bristles are perfect for blending although slightly difficult to clean.

I know some people have mixed feeling/reviews about Kylie Jenner’s products but, in my experience, she has given me nothing but the best quality. I especially love these brushes because of the chances that she gives her consumers to get free shipping or free products with on certain special days. I’ve only purchased her lip products so I have no idea how these brushes work with her eyeshadows but I’m sure they’re marvelous. The biggest of the brushes has actually replaced by favorite blending brush from BH Cosmetics. I am a fan.

img_0932This set retails for $35 but it must be noted that there are many inexpensive brushes available on the market. My favorite makeup brushes are actually a set I got from BH Cosmetics two summers ago. And, of course, brands don’t matter as long as you feel confident in the skin you’re wearing (with or without makeup). Be sure to check out my YouTube channel to see how I used my limited skills and tools to create a festive look for the holiday of love.

Until next time lovelies, stay beautiful! XX!

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