COMLEX Level 1 Study Plan

Now that I’ve gotten into the swing of things and settled into studying for my classes and studying for boards simultaneously, I thought I’d come to you guys and share with you what my plan is for COMLEX Level 1 (Osteopathic medical students take a specific national board exam called COMLEX. Many people are familiar with USMLE and often Osteopathic students sit for this exam also. I will, however, only be taking the required exam, COMLEX). If you’re interested in what I’ve done up to this point, check out the post I made on how I studied during my Christmas vacation here!


During the semester, however, I have made up my mind on a few things that I wanted to get done. I have been using the scheduling website and app Cramfighter to organize my board study tasks for me and I love love love how much easier my life has become since using it.

Between now and April 28, I will be going through DIT, First Aid, and UWorld. Again, I know that this seems like a lot to the outsider, and I was a little scared when I put my schedule together but if I follow my plan and complete each task in a timely manner, nothing is impossible.

During the month of May, I will be participating in the board prep program that my school is providing for second-year students as well as revisiting Sketchy Medicine and Pathoma.

In the very last month before I take my boards I will be reviewing the material noted from the first major block and going through First Aid one last time. During this entire semester, I will be slowly reviewing Osteopathic Principles that will be tested and I won’t be placing it in any one particular block.

To fit all of this studying into my schedule, I have drastically changed my regular course study habits, but I will be discussing that at the end of the semester with my Fourth Semester Wrap Up. I can say, however, that the trick to staying on top of the material is to make sure that you don’t fall behind. If you’re out there and preparing to take a major standardized test and worried about your course work, create a to-do list and make sure you complete it at the end of every night. I don’t go to bed until I have finished everything on my to-do list because I know that the next day I’ll have another mountain to climb.

Sleep is important and so I’m missing out on some of the things that I love like movies and stalking celebrities on snap chat but in a few months, I know that I’ll love myself for all of these sacrifices. It will all be worth it. I have to remember that. And so do you.

Feel free to ask me any questions lovelies. I’m always here for you. Until next time…XX!

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  1. Yes ! Don’t allow yourself to fall behind ! Good advice 🙂 From a med student

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