Business Casual on a Budget


In case you’re new here, I absolutely love fashion and use it to express my goofy and girly personality every day. That is something I wanted to make sure that I didn’t lose once I got to school.

One of the questions that I get asked all the time is “how do you like having a dress code in medschool?” At my school, we are required to be in business casual during business hours and I know that many people worry about that “added stress” and finding enough outfits. I am the type of girl who enjoys dressing up and so the dress code has never bothered or stressed me but for others who may not be used to that look, I wanted to put together a little collection of my favorite business casual pieces from my favorite online stores.

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The Forever 21 Metallic Marled Knit Dress is a perfect sweater dress that can be dressed up with a blazer and tights or dressed down with boots and a leather jacket. These red pants from Forever 21 are to die for and are actually on my wishlist. They are a reminder that even though you’re 100% professional, you can still be 100% stylish. I have so many of these fitted shirts from H&M and in so many different colors. On days when you’re too lazy to throw too many pieces together, these shirts come in handy. They also look amazing under your white coat. Zara is probably best known for its shoes and accessories. Don’t forget to get a good comfy pair of shoes that show off your style ever so slightly.

Moving on. New York and Company has great products and they have lots of sales. I bought my “power suit” for medschool interviews from New York and Company and feel in love. They have lots of pants/suits in lots of cuts for every body shape and personal style. Business casual, by no means, means boring. A black skirt is a necessity. This one, from Zara, is an excellent length but the material and zipper detail make it a unique piece that will allow you not to worry about wearing the same outfit as a classmate. The last piece is from an online store, Zaful, that I recently found. They are known for their party wear but they also have cute pieces that can be used for the office.

Thanks for reading lovelies. Hopefully, this was useful to some of you. And don’t worry, links are included. I got you! XX! See you soon.

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