Why Every Med Student Should Have A Blog

It is NO secret that medical school is difficult and there are lots of “how to’s” out there on trying to make life easier while in school… learning how not to pull out your hair, learning how to study with people, learning how to prioritize. All of that is great but I wanted to give my advice. Here’s how I keep “sane.” I blog. I write. I express myself. I think it’s great. I mean I’ve been doing it for years now but if I want this to be helpful, then I actually have to give you guys some real reasons that medical students should blog.

Createherstock Happy New Year Pack 41. Share your ideas. 

We get to talk about medicine day in and day out, so much so that we often forget that we were people before we got our acceptance letters. What makes you you? What views are unique to you? What are your interests or ideas on music, fashion, literature? There’s so much more to each of us than our desire to “help people.” And blogging is a great way to talk about that. Yes, I guess I’m a med-school blogger but I like to think I take every opportunity to talk about my other passions. Because school is not who I am. Every aspect of my life makes me me and I’m glad to share that with you all.

2. Meet great people. 

In the comment sections, on the message boards… anywhere… even on Instagram. You can find people just like you. Follow a hashtag and meet strangers that can become great friends. The internet is an excellent place to make connections. Networking is important but honestly just chatting with people who understand the struggle is just as important. There are lots of medical bloggers out there. Trust me. Check Instagram. And you don’t have to feel alone.

3. Stress relief. 

This is a big one. We all have exams and labs and deadlines and important things to do. In medical school, I often feel like they don’t give us time to catch our breath. Well, when I need an escape (that won’t take me away from my responsibilities or the library for too long), I find my way to my blog. Even if it’s replying to emails or looking at pictures that I can use for an upcoming post, those few moments of non-renal (we started the renal system recently) are AMAZING and I wouldn’t trade them for the world. Yeah. I guess it does keep me sane.

4. Learn more about yourself. 

Putting yourself out there and allowing yourself to live and learn in front of eager eyes is sometimes scary. But you can use blogging as an opportunity to push yourself beyond reading an extra chapter. Try new things. Experiment. Think outside of the box. Grow as a person. Learn what you like, don’t like, or even just what you’re confused about. Learn how to debate without falling out. Love. Beauty is everywhere. Bloggers are as colorful as the Lucky Charm’s Rainbow and learning to appreciate people for their differences is a great gift and skill that can be used in any profession and throughout every walk of life. So live a little. Blog a little. And learn a lot.

I hope you guys enjoyed this. Like, comment, share, and follow. I love finding new blogs out there so if you or someone you know is blogging their way through medical school, give me the scoop. Until next time lovelies. XX!

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  1. Noluthando says:

    Wow!!!!! I honestly think you were speaking to me directly. Thank you for your words and advice. I really needed to hear this or should I say read this. I’m honestly taking your advice and starting my own blog soon😀.

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