New Fros And Coats Store!

I’m sorry that I’ve been MIA on here and on my YouTube channel but I’ve been working really hard on my other baby (alongside trying not to fail at life and in school)!

But I am so so so so excited to announce the launch of the NEW Fros And Coats Store. If you don’t know, Fros and Coats is a company I started earlier this year to support African American women in the medical field. We are a small company, of course, but we have big plans. Right now we’re selling pins (which many of my classmates are rocking), water bottles, and our NEW CLASSIC TEE!

The best part about this store is you can shop whenever and you don’t have to wait for a new campaign to launch. If you’re searching for us on Teespring, you won’t find us. So go on over to SPREADSHIRT. Or click the Fros And Coats link in the menu above for all the deets.

Stay tuned folks. There’s much more coming.



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