On Being A Christian Blogger

Religion is something that everyone encounters nowadays. Whether you yourself are religious or you just happen to hang out with people who believe differently from you, it’s something that cannot be escaped. I’ve never had the desire to escape my religion or my beliefs but I’ve reached a point in my life where I have to now make decisions on when and when not to talk about religion.

unspecified-1I was born into a Christian household and went to church every week. I attended church school from K-16. I’ve read through the Bible dozens of times and I love the Lord. If I’m home alone, I walk around singing hymns and spend my time saying “yo Jesus, you now I love You right.” The craziest thing, though, is that I, a person with a relatively vast social media reach and deep social media addiction, don’t spend much time publicizing my beliefs in written or recorded form.

If I think about that too long, it can become disheartening. Am I ashamed? Definitely not. So what is the reason? A lot of the time, I don’t want others to feel that I am pushing my beliefs on them. I get it. I am a peculiar person. What I believe is not what most of the world believes and I’m not pushy and I’m not condemning and I don’t want anyone to get that idea in his or her mind.

But is it fair to limit myself on something that means so much to me? Again, definitely not. I’m a Christian but I’m also a student and a sister and a bomb.com twerker and all of those things should be free in my writing and art.


In a world where more than spiritual beliefs separate us, we need to have certain conversations. As a writer, not everyone is going to like what you have to say. As a consumer, not everything you read will sit exactly right with you. Should you stop writing? Should you stop reading? No. That’s not how the adult world works. That would be like shutting out people who belong to a different political party than you or like a “cat person,” blocking every “dog-person” who dares to blog about what they love. Tomato tomoato. And to use Jesus as an example, because He is my example, we should love everyone. We should be accepting of everyone. We should be able to have conversations (even surrounding our differences) without feeling threatened or feeling the need to threaten.

How I live my life (and write my blog) is dependent on all of the pieces of me. Not just my Christianity and not just my womanism and not just my addiction to all things Apple. All of me. It’s the same for every other person on the face of the Earth. So I won’t necessarily post about going to church or applying my faith to medicine every week but I am a Christian and I am a blogger and so I am a Christian blogger. Just as much a female blogger…and I’m not ashamed. And I won’t accept anyone trying to make me feel that way.

That’s all. Those are all my words. Thanks for reading lovelies. I’ll see you real soon! XX!

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