Candle of the Month | August 2016

I’ve finally found it! My absolute favorite. A while back I was just picking stuff up in Target and stumbled upon this beauty. I was unable to ever find it again and that broke my heart but I always had my eyes open for it. One day when I went to repurchase another candle (one that I didn’t even realize was from the same brand as this hidden treasure), I found it. Just sitting there. Waiting for me.


You may see this candle in different designs in Target but the scent is still the same. The cozy aroma is both beachy and floral. Made with paraffin wax, the one I purchase comes with diffrent layers of diffrent colors and I cant help but believe that the fragrance becomes more weighty the longer you burn it and the deeper into the candle you go.

The Paradise Flower Candle is about $5 at Target and its a beautiful addition to any home to keep Summer going as long as possible. Give it a try. You can’t go wrong with the price and you’ll love it. Believe me.

XX! See you soon lovelies.

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