#GOALS for the School Year

GoalDigger ShenayeSuggs CHS 0416One week into my second year of medical school, I want to talk about the goals that I have set for myself, in the hopes of keeping myself accountable and maybe inspiring someone to set similar goals for the new year.

I have five and decided to list them in the order of their importance to me.

5. Be active in my clubs 

I am a member of a few organizations here on campus and I want to give my all as a member and volunteer this year, giving input to improve life at my school and in our community. That’s an easy goal. I’ve just got to make myself speak up.

4. Be diligent with Fros And Coats 

My company, Fros And Coats, launched this summer and I want to make sure that everything continues to run as smoothly as it did during the first month. I’m looking to build the team but I’ll definitely need to have a plan and stay organized to make sure that this doesn’t suffer or cause me to suffer in other areas.

3. Be on top of board study 

If you know me from MCAT days, you know. I am the world’s biggest procrastinator and I realize that that skill isn’t going to cut it if I am going to get the bomb board score that I want at the end of next summer. I haven’t quite worked out my study schedule as yet but once that is up and running I’ll let you lovelies know and I’ll keep updated as to how me and school and boards and everything else is going.

2. Not let course work pile up 

Back to the procrastinating. School is hard. Med school is hard. Never let anyone tell you anything different. One of my biggest problems last year was that I would get overwhelmed and say “oh I’ll finish these two lectures tomorrow” when I knew full well that I had four new lectures coming at me the next day. My work got dragged into the weekends and super late nights and I don’t want that to be my life this year (if at all possible, especially for my next goal). So I’ll be trying to tackle assignments and appointments as they come. School will always come before my company and blogging because I’m paying a lot of money and because I’m doing what I love to do. So I have to remember that and keep pushing even when it feels like everything else is pushing back.

1. Take care of my mental health 

My number one goal this year is to take care of myself. I got really depressed last semester and wouldn’t even admit it until half way through when my grades were taking combination hits from Mike Tyson. This is something that I’m not afraid to talk about. I am an anxious person. I also know my triggers for depression and realize that lots of medical students and physicians go through what I went through. Because sometimes it’s not just school. Sometimes it is other things. Shcool is hard and life is hard. My plan for this goal is to pray more and talk more because keeping dark emotions inside will only make me dark on the outside (and I’m not talking about my Nubian Princess skin)!

Thanks for reading lovelies. Feel free to adopt these goals or share them with friends and family. I hope you’re all having an amazing week. I’ll see you real soon! XX!

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  1. melinarae217 says:

    Solid goals, especially the #1 goal 🙂 It is sooooo important to take care of ourselves!

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