Tea of the Month | July 2016

Even on vacation, I drink tea. The Bigelow Raspberry Royale black tea quickly became a part of my mornings in Mexico as it mixes my favorite black tea flavor with a fruity and calming aroma.


With about 30-60 mg of caffeine per cup, it is a great breakfast tea. It’s fresh and hearty (especially because of the black tea) but not overpowering. The packaging is also super cute. I love the pink! I’ve also always admired how Bigelow uses their foil packaging to protect their teas from outside moisture and to keep all the outside scents and aromas from disturbing the tea which is naturally sweet and, in this case, distinctly raspberry. Only one teaspoon of brown sugar was “needed.”

In all honesty, I had another tea in mind for this month’s post but fell in love with this flavor and have no regrets.


I’m a tea lady so you must understand my crazy ways but it is delicious enough to drink, even in 80-degree weather. I’ll be purchasing and adding this flavor to my line up.

When most people think about tea, they think of breakfast. And when they think of breakfast, they think of cooking…I didn’t have to do much cooking while on vacation but back in the real world, writing this post, when I’m reaching for The Bigelow Raspberry Royale tea today, I’m also considering some of the best cooking equipment that will make my breakfast experience even better. Check out some of my tops picks –> HERE!

Thanks for reading lovelies. Stay beautiful and stay safe! XX!

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