My Father Died Today | A Poem

My Father Died Today
Esté Ginelle

My father died today
And no he wasn’t the man that gave me life
No he wasn’t the man I walk like or talk like
My father died today
The man whose name I carry could have
Died today
If he hadn’t
Gone to another school
Or had
Other opportunities
Or been
In the right place at the right time
Because titles and letters mean nothing
When you’re dead
And they mean nothing to those
Who make you dead

A man died today
He was someone’s friend
Someone’s brother
Someone’s baby boy
Someone’s father died today
My father died today
Why, you ask
His blood was red
Why, you ask
His sneakers were white
Why, you ask
His hoodie was blue
Why, you ask
Why did my father die today
His skin
His skin was brown

My father died today
Not because he was old
Not because he was sick
Not because he was dying this morning
He died today because
He was black his whole life
Like I’ve been black my whole life
Like my unborn son will be black his whole life
And I cry
Not because of this
But because my baby cries
For his father
And his grandfather
And his great-grandfather
That died today
And yesterday
And last week
And tomorrow
Why doesn’t anybody care that my father is dying?

My Father Died Today

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