Candle of the Month | June 2016

This month’s candle has a familiar scent. While most candle lovers have already experienced Bath & Body Works’ Teakwood combinations, I wanted to show some love to this cherished favorite.


The Black Teakwood candle provides your home with a deliciously earthy aroma. Not only is the label and packaging appealing to the eye but the mix of teakwood, sandalwood, and lavender provide a luxurious feel that is much lighter than that of the candle’s cousin, Mahogany Teakwood. In my candle sniffing experience I have come to realize that teakwood oil is what gives lots of candles the coveted rich and bouncy experience with just the right amount of musk. So, for that reason, if you are unable to get your hands on the ever popular Mahogany Teakwood, the Black Teakwood candle will not disappoint.

The one downside to this candle is that it seems to burn out faster than a lot of the other Bath & Body Works candles that I have tried recently. I don’t know why that is and I don’t know that I care because the difference in burn time is not significant enough to deter me from repurchasing.

Thanks for reading lovelies and tell me if you’d try this or any of the other candles that I’ve ever mentioned! I’ll see you really soon. XX!

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