Tea of the Month | May 2016

I bit the bullet and ordered tea from across the sea. This month’s tea is the Great White: Silver Tips White Tea from Teapigs!


This is the sample size because I wasn’t sure if I would like the flavor enough to have a full carton in my house. I love that the Teapigs company provides its customers with the option of buying full and sampler sizes. There must be a lot of crazy tea bloggers out there just like me.

But on to talking about the tea. Teapigs sends you your cartoon with brewing instructions and other samplers. I received a chai sampler which I’m actually excited to try out also. This white tea, which is grown in China and withered in the sun, brews in three minutes. This is on account of the leaves being of a slightly larger size. I left my temple (what Teapigs call their tea bags) in a while longer because I light rich tasting teas.


Even with leaving the tea bag in for a while, the tea wasn’t too heavy or over powering. I drank it on a study night and all I could tell my friend was “its sweet.” This tea is light and refreshing. I only used a teaspoon of sugar for sweetening and I probably could have done without it. This tea is delicious and calm, with not too many things going on. One basic and genuine flavor is present because of the great care Teapigs takes in selecting their ingredients.

I appreciate a few things about Teapigs. They provide instructions on brewing, they make their tea with the whole leaf, and they use a mesh bag. I am partial to mesh bags because they allow for the best infusion. My one quarrel is that when searching the website for the appropriate link to leave in this blog post, I had the most awkward searching experience and run around. Will I repurchase? Definitely. I’m a fan!

Keep sipping lovelies! XX!

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