What’s In My School Bag?

Even though the school year is basically over, I wanted to come with a look inside my school bag this semester just in case you wanted any ideas of what you’ll be “needing” for college/medical school. AND GO!


Aside from the expected and boring and usual pencil and paper, during my first year of medical school, I made sure that I always had a few important things with me.

The 18 month planner from Kate Spade helps me stay organized with school and blogging schedules. The black and white is also so me! While planning and organizing, I always make sure to carry lotion and roll on perfume. A lady’s got to smell her best. The one seen here is Kim Kardashian’s. Oh and it would never hurt to have a few tylenol pills. Studying is a real thing in medical school. Headaches are a real thing in medical school.

In Dothan, the sun is NO JOKE so sunglasses are almost always required. I am unable to keep any expensive sunglasses for more than five hours, so I pick up my fashion favorites from Target, right before getting Starbucks. ACOM gave us all laptops and iPads at the beginning of the year and I use both daily. My felt grey macbook case is from Etsy. The side pocket adds a splash of style that makes me want to open my computer to study even more.

While listening to lectures I use my Beats headphones. I got mine on sale at Target. I would say that they are my most prized possession in medical school because they are slightly noise canceling and they are a sexy sexy pink! Of course I’ll always have my business cards and wallet with me and it is, obviously, very very important to stay hydrated. My stylish cup was gifted to me by an amazing friend who gets it. I love “DO” anything. You can get your own cups and shirts designed and personalized anywhere online but I prefer Etsy (lol #duh)! Last, I had to include a new find. The Java Monster is probably the best tasting energy drink that I’ve ever had. The others have a way of tasting like a mix of soda and gatorade but this one has the milky flavor of coffee. Win.

Thanks for liking and sharing. I’m off to study for my last few exams and I hope that you all are having a wonderful week. XX!

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