Candle of the Month | April 2016

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This candle from Bath and Body Works was a surprise for me. The brand has been making “city scented” candles for a while now but they never seem to sit right with me. I always feel that the Paris is too sweet or that the New York is too overpowering. Whatever the case, I was delighted to find that this candle actually took me back to my hometown. New York City is a beautiful place all year but spring time is the best time (I might be singing a different tune come Christmas)!

I have photographed New York’s Spring and smelt the blossoms and felt the sweet calm that blows through the city with a passing breeze. New York Beautiful Day encompasses all that and brings back wonderful memories with a mix of apple oils (so New York), daisies which are always lovely, and pink peonies which, surprisingly, are not overpowering at all.

The candle leaves a fresh and refreshing aura that is both sweet and relaxing. I am able to nap with this candle burning without feeling as though I am being suffocated by perfumes. For me, this is a new Spring Time favorite!

Thanks for reading lovelies. Leave any questions, comments, or concerns down below and I’ll be sure to get back to you. Until next time, XX!

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