Post IsoTESTric Relaxation

I hope you got a little chuckle out of the title of this post. If you’re in medical school, especially osteopathic medical school, you’ll definitely get the joke. But in all seriousness, this post is about relaxation, how important it is, and how I do it after the ever so stressful exams in medical school.


We just had our final exam for the Musculoskeletal system and all that studying took its tole on me. Of course I had the entire Spring Break (check Instagram for pics) to study but information is information is information. After an exam of any sort, people like to go out and party and drink but sometimes your girl just wants to stay in and recuperate. How do I do that? I start by locking my door and playing some really chill music. I love R&B and so after the exam on Friday, I definitely had my Tamar Braxton shuffle going.

Next I’ll definitely put on a face mask and get ready for a bath. The one used in the picture above is a mud mask but my new favorite is this peel away egg white mask that I got on Amazon. My pores have been SHRINKING since I first used it.

Before my shower, I’ll use a scented body scrub to take away the stress of the world along with any dead skin so that I feel super refreshed for the rest of the evening. For moisturizer, a lot of you know that I use coconut oil for everything so…coconut oil!

Then I’ll just wrap up in a silk robe, put on some tea, and curl up with my cat to read or listen to one of my favorite books. Back when I did book reviews on this blog, I mentioned how much I LOVE John Steinbeck and The Pearl is one of his best works, in my opinion, of course. After an exam, I normally end up going to bed really early because honestly, theres nothing for me to study or look at or stress about and I’m normally really exhausted from the anxiety surrounding the exam. Can any of my fellow medical students relate?


Now don’t get me wrong, sometimes I do go out and want to dance but there are lots of other times that I feel like I need to be with and love me. Don’t be afraid to say “no” to invitations when you feel like you need some me time. There might be a little FOMO when you start getting snapchats but, in the long run, you’ll never regret relaxing.

Thanks for reading lovelies. Have a great week. I’ll talk to you real soon! XX!

P.S. Let me know if you’re interested in hearing more about the products mentioned above.

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