Candle of the Month | March 2016

DSC_0218The most beautiful thing about March is the fact that Spring is upon us. With Spring comes Spring scents and flavors. For the month of March, I have been IN LOVE with this Ashland candle from Michaels. I went in to buy canvases and paint (because I also paint) and stopped to smell the “new” flavors. This one, the Mango Cilantro, was so rich and bold that it made my mouth water. I mean it literally smells like mangos and I love that.¬†IMG_1443As soon as I brought the candle home I pulled out the lighter and began enjoying my apartment even more. I’m one for earthy scents so this fruity and tropical mix was definitely a change for me but I wouldn’t have chosen another candle and I might even repurchase.

I’ve never tried this brand of candle before but I did see that another blogger described it as having “the mango from Mango Peach Salsa and the cilantro from Pineapple Cilantro.” The two scents are distinguishable but not overpowering or even in competition¬†with each other. The mango gives a sweetness to the room while the cilantro is calming and brings in that earthy vibe that I like in all my candles.

For some strange reason I can’t seem to find the actual candle on the Michael’s website but these are the melts that I believe smell the same. They cost $2.99 where as the candle was about $5.00!

Thanks for reading lovelies. Tell me of any scents I should try next. I love candle shopping honestly and I will buy and review any candle you have in mind (haha)! Until next time… XX!


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