MY Travel Essentials

By the time that you are reading this, I am already home but I wanted to share some tricks, picks, and wicks for traveling.


When traveling, you want to remain comfortable and classy. These are a few things that I make/made sure are always in my suitcase before I fly anywhere. So from left to right:

  1. Classic boots that go with anything especially in the winter. Mine are from Payless.
  2. Perfume to freshen up on the plane or anywhere really. Mine is from Macy’s.
  3. Mascara because even with no eyeliner or foundation, mascara can give you that little pop you need. Mine is from Too Faced.
  4. Leggings; comfort and chic rolled into one. You can find these anywhere. Mine are from Forever 21.
  5. A classic piece. I love black and white pieces and I love crop tops. Find something that is a staple or a representative of a staple that is worth traveling with just in case you have to show up and show out while you’re away. My crop top is similar to this one from Forever 21.
  6. Pumps for the same reason as stated above. You have no idea when you’ll need an extra lift. You can find a similar pair at Forever 21.
  7. Sweaters/Sweater dresses are in and you can’t ever go wrong with a basic/neutral color. I’ve already expressed my love for black and white so you know I couldn’t leave home without this gem. I wear mine (from Forever 21) all the time.
  8. A classic clutch. With all the black and white in my closet. My favorite clutch adds a splash of color. You can find ones like this anywhere.
  9. An iPad for reading. On the plane, it is important to have something for entertainment. Coming home from my first semester in Medical School, I needed a mental break. I’ve been reading Go Set A Watchman.
  10. My suitcase, in case you’re wondering, is from Target.

That’s all I have for you lovelies. Take, use, edit these tips so that they fit your life and your traveling needs. I love you so much and I’ll see you soon!


Links included when products found.

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